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Luck is a subject that fascinates us all. For centuries people around the world, in different nations, cultures, and religions, have tried to unveil the secret to it. Numerology, astrology, and many other doctrines are all claiming to have cracked down the code to determine our fortune in Love, career, money, family and other aspects of our life.

Various techniques have been invented, all with the purpose to increase our chances for good fortune. Charms and spells, Feng shui, the Jewish Kabbalah and so many other methodologies have all offered us various ways to promote it and increase our chances for better, more successful, happy life.

Luck Meter Games

Our games are all aimed at fulfilling our desire to know and predict our luck, good or bad. Although we don't really claim to have found the secret of predicting the future, or a person's fortune, we do know that getting it measured for us could be really great, even if we know that it is all just for fun, and we want to give each and every one of you the opportunity to do so.

So we are offering you a fun and exciting tool to measure your luck in the various important areas of your life. Want to see if your new love is a good one? Looking for a special combination of numbers? Or looking for this special, extremely great day?  We will give you the answers to each and every one of these questions.

Playing our Games is very easy. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields and press Go. Our special Meter will then use your input to measure your luck for you in the subject of your choice, and present it to you.

You can play our games to measure your friends\' and family\'s fortune by placing their names in our games. Compare your results with your friends' results to see which one is the most fortunate in love, who is going to have the best day today and who gets the most from your plans together.

Share your Results

You can share your results with your friends by using Facebook Like button or our share buttons placed right under each of our games. You can also use our “tell a friend” option to send them an email with the results you just got for them (coming soon).

We have built this site for your amusement and delight. So go ahead and play its various games. And of course, most important don't forget its just for fun (go to our terms of use section to read more)!

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