Is This Your Lucky Day?

Welcome to the Lucky Day Game

We all have those really good days, when we know that everything, and I mean everything that we do will turn out just great. But then we all have those really bad days when we know that it was a big mistake getting out of bed.

Now, wouldn’t you like to know if today is going to be a good day for you? Or if the very important day you are having next week is expected to be a great one? This exciting and fun game will give you the answer to these questions. It will measure your fortune today, tomorrow or in any other day in the future, and give you the answer to the very important question that everybody is looking for: is this your lucky day?

To Play the Game

To play all you have to do is fill in your name and the date that you want to check in the appropriate fields and press go. Our special Meter will then measure your luck for you on the chosen day, and inform you of your results.

Share your Results

If you want to share your results with your friends, you can always use the share options, placed right under the game, that will transfer your results directly to your Facebook wall (coming soon), or twitter account.

You can also surprise your friends and family by checking their fortune for them. Just fill in their names in the required fields. Found out that your friend is having a really great day today? Share this great news with him by sending him an email with his result through our “tell a friend” tool, also located under the game (coming soon).

So go ahead, have fun playing this game, looking at your fortune, and sharing it with the world. Just keep in mind and never forget – this is all just a game and your fate is in your own hands (go to our terms of use section to read more).

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