Famous Couples

Our world's history is entwined with famous people who fell in love. Some with other famous people, some with ordinary people, who then became famous.

The world has always been intrigued by famous people love and relationship. The blossoming of a new famous couple can be so romantic and their breakup juicy and exciting. But there is nothing like a couple that managed to stay together for many years, overcome hardships and cross hurdles.

We have gathered here a list of famous couples, some are still together and some have already broken up. Is their love a lucky one? are they meant to be together? the Love Meter has the answer to each of the couples.

Barby & Ken

The famous dolls who never stopped loving each other.

The Love Meter says: with 85% luck there is no denying - love is in the air.

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Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham

The handsome, cigar enthusiast politician and the wife who stuck with him.

The Love Meter says: with 76%  luck It seems that love was under his nose, after all...

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

The sex symbol who left his wife for the sexiest girl in the world.

The Love Meter says: with 21% luck, you might want to check if Jennifer Aniston is still available.

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Romeo & Juliet

The burning love who ended too soon, just to become the symbol of tragedy. 

The Love Meter says: looking at the Love Meter could have saved every body a lot of heartache. With 22% luck, a tragic ending is unavoidable.

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Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

The golden couple who has already become a symbol of happily ever after.

The Love Meter says: with a 100% luck there can be no question about it. This is the perfect match!

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Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

The blue eyed lover, who never looked at another woman.

The Love Meter says: with 67% luck the two lovers were on the right path to an ever lasting love. 

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Adam & Eve

The first couple in the history of man.

The Love Meter says: with so little choice, Adam & Eve were lucky their love had a 73% luck.

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