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    We are happy to offer you the opportunity to use LuckMeter.com (hereinafter: “the site” or “LuckMeter.com”), for your fun and amusement. By using the site you fully accept and agree, without any limitations, to be subject to the site’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer, as they are presented in the site (hereinafter: the site’s policies”), and fully accept that they may be changed and updated from time to time. You hereby acknowledge that in every visit to our site you are required to read the site’s policies and fully understand them before using the site.

  2.  Site’s Description
    LuckMeter.com is a games site, aimed at providing its users with fun and entertaining games, based on the concept of measuring luck. It is what it is - a games site.  The site’s games are not based on any scientific truth or method. Therefore, you hereby agree that LuckMeter.com, its owners, or employees have not claimed, in any way whatsoever that  the content appearing in this site is accurate. It is only meant for entertainment purposes and for fun.

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    By using the site you agree to fully indemnify the site, its owners, or any of its employees for any or against any claims, liability, losses, or any other expenses or costs, including, but not only legal fees arousing from your use of the site, or its content, or your breach of any of the site’s policies.

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    You hereby agree that the use of LuckMeter.com and/or any content in it is at your own risk. The content is provided to you “As Is” and LuckMeter.com hereby disclaims any warranty of any kind related with it. You hereby understand and agree that LuckMeter.com has informed you that the content presented in the site is not accurate nor is it scientifically or otherwise viable, and should not be used, in any way as such. Use of the content obtained in the site is at your own discretion and risk, and the site will not be held liable in any way for any damages, direct or indirect, incurred with relation to its content or services.

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    All content appearing in LuckMeter.com is copy written. Therefore, any use whatsoever, without an expressed agreement by LuckMeter.com in writing, is a violation of trademark or copyright laws.

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