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Luck and numbers are two very close subjects. The most popular fortune games, for instance, are based on the combination of the two. The lottery, which is the most common and widespread fortune game in the world, involves drawing numbers. If you could only choose their right combination, you could be a wealthy person. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, this Game is here to assist. Holding a lottery ticket in your hand and looking for the right combination of digits? Or just generally interested in knowing your lucky numbers? Use our Special Meter to find out.

To Play the Game

All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields. Press Go and special Meter will generate a combination of numbers for you. Press Go again and it will generate a new combination for you. You can use as many combinations as you choose.

Share your Results

Want to surprise your friends? Go a head, fill in their name, press Go and generate their own set. Want to send their results you just got to them? You can use our “Tell a friend” tool, placed roght under the game. It will automatically send your friends’ results to them via email (coming soon).

You can also share your results with your friends by using the Facebook (coming soon) and Twitter tools, also located right under the game. It will automatically share your results through your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But hey, don’t you forget, this game is designed for fun and only fun. Don’t gamble your life’s savings using the results you got here or even a small portion of them. Don’t forget that, at the end of the day, our site's content is there for your amusement only, so don't take ti too seriously. (go to our terms of use section to read more).

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