Can you Increase Your Luck at the Casino?

We all know that winning at the casino is all about luck. OK, so not ALL about luck. Some games, like Blackjack or Poker also involve skill. But, all in all, there can be no denying that winning at the casino requires good fortune. A whole lot of it.

But we also know that luck is not something that we can control. We can ask for it, wish really hard for it, pray for it, beg for it, but there is no guaranty we will get it. Or is there?

A short walk around the casino floor may convince you otherwise. Look around, and you will see gamblers taking all kind of measures, and performing various, sometimes strange ceremonies, all aiming at increasing their chance at the games of fortune.

For example, you may be surprised to learn how many players use lucky charms as a means to inspire confidence in their game.  This comprises wearing clothes or jewellery they believe invite good fortune, or holding some sort of a small item they conceive as attracting good luck.

But the funniest, strangest lucky charm is people. Yes, some players believe that if a certain person stands by them they have better odds for winning. It may be a spouse, a friend, but even a complete stranger can do the job. Unfortunately players can also conceive other people as attracting bad luck to their game. That’s when things can get really uncomfortable.

Players either reveal their lucky charm at the table or keep it a secret, so the charm’s impact is not compromised.

Another funny ceremony players may perform is talking to the machines. They may encourage it to give them the right combination of numbers or colours, get mad at it when it does not comply with their request, or simply say “hello” to it before playing.

Other, less “crazy” luck attracting activities we spotted at the casino are pressing the redeal button after a winning hand in Video Poker, changing a slot machine, a Blackjack or a Roulette table, or even a casino to stop a losing streak, or holding on to your chair at a slot machine you conceive as extremely lucky for you. Some players will only enter the casino with their right foot, others will not enter the casino on specific days of the years, that may attract bad luck.

The list of Lucky Ceremonies just goes on and on. Some are funnier, others just plain weird. But at the end of the day, if a ceremony makes you feel luckier then it has completed its’ mission, hasn’t it?

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