About Us

LuckMeter.com is the leading website for online luck measurement games. We offer our users a variety of games that let them measure their fortune in various fields in life. We focus on the subject of luck as we believe that users are fascinated with this subject and find it to be exciting and fun.

Our main goal is to create for our users a delightful, joyous experience, whether they play our games in the privacy of their home or with a group of friends. Our applications are viral and fun to share, so we encourage our users to share their results with their friends via the various online social sharing options we offer them.

With a top of the line graphics and sound, we aim to provide our users with the best playing experience they can find, so that they will never get tired of playing our games.

We don’t claim to have cracked down the secrets of measuring a person’s luck, and don’t assert that our games are based on scientific truths and methodologies, or otherwise accurate.

We have, however developed a unique formula that calculates our users luck based on the data that they enter into the appropriate fields in most of our games. We are constantly improving the formula, with the goal of providing our users with a realistic game experience, where possible.

Founded in 2009, LuckMeter.com has a constantly growing user base, all enjoying our games. We constantly thrive to enlarge our games variety, and add more functionality to our existing applications. We also aim to enable social media users to enjoy our offering, by providing them with dedicated applications.

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